Better companies make better communities

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Our Story

Why leading local is important to us

We started as a partnership between two lifelong friends who grew up here, sold real estate, and decided they no longer wanted to be part of a corporatized system that had acquired and taken over much of their market.

When national companies control big portions of local real estate transactions, it has the consequence of sales volume and numbers mattering more than the people and communities that produce them. We believe this has the effect of consumption without meaningful contribution in return. That’s not who we are, nor does it reflect the potential we see in the real estate business to create positive impact on people and places.

Houses are not stocks. For the most part, they are where people live — where they raise their families, create meaning in their lives, and are part of how they build personal wealth and define themselves.

We believe our business has a responsibility to serve, connect, grow, and protect the communities we operate in — that commerce and communities can grow together, not at the expense of each other.

How we act upon that belief is to remain independent of national companies, maintain accessible leadership who are present and involved, and give back responsibly so that everyone benefits from our growth.

Yes, we are growing. But we are doing it strategically, with the goal of becoming a stronger, on-the-ground independent network of people who will benefit from more resources together, and put a portion of our profit back into the places we live and love.

We grow not for the sake of getting bigger, but for the sake of creating a bigger local impact for our people.

About Sereno
About Sereno

Our Proccess

Our Process

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Our Values

Social impact at the center

Everything we do has a cause and effect. We maintain a responsibility to contribute back to every community in which we operate.

Communities over shareholders

Because if our business has to grow at the expense of the communities around us, it wasn’t worth it. A real estate business is an investment in building communities.

Independence is worth preserving

Our independence matters more than our size. It means we can continue to prioritize our community involvement over theneeds of shareholders.

Be ourselves without pretenses

Real estate is a people business. We like to work with people who can bring themselves to the job as who they are because we believe they’ll be more invested in positive outcomes for everyone.

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